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Before Refilling Your Gas Cylinder, You Better Read This!



One of the mostly widely used means of cooking nowadays is through gas cylinders. The act of cooking with gas has proven to be one of the fastest ways to cook, and the fact that it does not leave any stain on the cooking Pot or Pan is another added advantage. However, there are a lot of safety precautions that must be adhered to when making use of gas cylinders for cooking as this method of cooking with gas has been dubbed the most dangerous means of cooking.

There have also been various disastrous incidents that have been linked to the Use of gas cylinders in the home. Hence, there are various safety precautions that must be followed when the use of the gas cylinder is being employed.

Things to beware of before refilling the gas

Before refilling your gas in the gas station make sure that no pressure remains in the gas cylinder. You can do this by opening the lock key of the cylinder to let the pressure out before you take it for refill. This practice makes the pressure left in the gas cylinder to escape making the pressure in the cylinder to balance with the normal atmospheric pressure.

Battery operated items should not also be very close to the spot where you are refiling your cylinder.

It is also not advisable to use your car to take your gas cylinder back home after a refill because taking it in your car means you would have to tilt the cylinder sideways and this connotes that the content in the gas cylinder would touch the valve which is located on the opening point of the cylinder.

This valve is made of rubber and when it comes in contact with the liquid LPG in the cylinder it can freeze. This act of the freezing would make the valve weaken, and this can lead to a leakage of the gas cylinder.

Note: Refilling or emptying of gas cylinders should only be done if you take appropriate precautions and follow the correct transfer and handling procedures. Do not also attempt to repair any leakage or faults on your gas cylinder rather take them to certified cylinder test station operator for checking.

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