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INEC Commences Migration To E-Voting



images 2020 09 28T233635.331 INEC Commences Migration To E-Voting

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has commenced processes that would lead to replacing manual voting with automated voting or electronics voting system.

The INEC National Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu Mahmood, said this on Monday in Abuja at the demonstration of Electronics Voting Machine (EVMs).

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According to him, INEC has invited manufacturers of electronic voting machines around the world to practically demonstrate how the machines work, preparatory to full migration.

He said that the event was another giant step in the commission’s continuous effort to deepen electoral integrity in Nigeria through the deployment of technology.

“Over the years, the commission has been automating the critical pillars of the process. The biometric register of voters has been updated continuously. At the moment, the INEC register of voters is the largest data base of citizens in Nigeria.

“In addition, the combination of biometric voters’ cards commonly known as the Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) and the Smart Card Reader (SCR) have revolutionised the accreditation of voters during elections.

“More recently, the introduction of a number of portals has facilitated the seamless nomination of candidates for elective offices by political parties as well as the accreditation of observers and the media. Most significantly, the Commission now uploads polling unit level results in real-time on Election Day to a portal for public view.

“These are significant innovations that have deepened the transparency and credibility of elections and the electoral process in Nigeria,” Yakubu said.

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I Will Never Support APC , PDP Politicians Again — Actress , Iyabo Ojo Vows



images 2020 10 26T094349.961 I Will Never Support APC , PDP Politicians Again — Actress , Iyabo Ojo Vows

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo on Sunday vowed never to support any politician from the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
The mother of two also said even if her family member was running for a post under the aforementioned parties she won’t vote for such person.
“I Alice Iyabo Ojo, will never support, campaign or vote for any APC or PDP member ever again in my life.
“Even if you are my family or friend, we need a New Nigeria ��, we need to stop recycling ♻️ #EndBadGoverance,” she wrote.

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Governor Zulum Emptied & Distributed Palliative Store



IMG 20201024 WA0120 Governor Zulum Emptied & Distributed Palliative Store

Borno State Governor Prof. Babagana Umara Zulum Governor Zulum Emptied & Distributed Palliative Store to all the state of the federation for distribution to vulnerable citizens following the Covid-19 challenges.

The palliative materials that were delivered to all the states of the federation for distribution to vulnerable citizens following the Covid-19 challenges and which have become subject of mass action in some states, have long been distributed in Borno by the pro-people government of Professor Babagana Umara Zulum.

The materials were delivered to the states by the federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development.

Videos being shown in many states point to angry and hungry citizens storming warehouses where such palliative were stored and carting them away in a manner that suggest a new dimension to the #ENDSARS protest in parts of the country.

The news is that in Borno state, all the warehouses of the palliatives have long been emptied and promptly distributed to the needy and other vulnerable citizens.

The Governor, Professor Zulum has wasted no time in given orders that the goods be given out through a modality that had been used overtime in different platforms on IDPs all around the states.

The Governor had established an equitable, transparent and foolproof method of distributing materials to displaced persons and other vulnerable groups who have, in the last ten years, been rendered destitute by the activities of the insurgents.

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Advice and Awareness to President Buhari – Prof. Aliyu Abdullahi Jibia



20201023 124650 BlendCollage Advice and Awareness to President Buhari - Prof. Aliyu Abdullahi Jibia

Prof. Aliyu Abdullahi Jibia said President Muhammadu Buhari had made a mistake in accepting that he was being called a good man.

Prof. Aliyu Abdullahi Jibia, the P.R.P candidate for governor of Katsina State, made the announcement on his Facebook account.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has made a big mistake by accepting to be called an honest man, and today he has been denied by God, because God is truthful.

“After all, in his words he shows that he is the most talented person in the world, while God is the Expert!

In the same way, Buhari criticized everyone’s work, and then God made him tired too!

Then he showed the Southerners the full Love, forgetting that the Southerners were not experienced!

Finally, whose city is it?

As long as Buhari does not repent to God, despite his failures, and admit that he made a mistake, and seek God’s help, he will never succeed again, except to reap losses!

I Aliyu Abdullahi Jibia, by God willing I will continue to inform him this, until the end of my life, until he changes!

I will do this, because with my gums this government had been set.

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